1962 Pontiac Tempest

It Has Arrived

            This car was put together by Bud Stump out in California and we do not have the precise date as this project was little publicized.  Stump was mentioned a few times in the steam publications.  He had been part of the early 1950’s McCullough-Paxton steam project that was engineered by Abner Doble and was his last big project looking for the ultimate in steam automobile efficiency.

            The story is that a rich person from Kalamazoo, Michigan funded this car because he wanted a modern steam car.  The boiler was made by George

  1962 Pontiac Tempest Steam Car

Sanden who had converted a 1953 Studebaker to steam power and it purportedly went fast enough to scare normal people.  A very similar design was used on the Pontiac as Sanden had used on the Studebaker.

            The boiler was a monotube and we think using Besler smoke generator coils.  The engine was a 20 hp Stanley.  The Tempest had independent rear suspension.  It appears to have never been delivered to Kalamazoo.  It ended up in Portland where it sat outside in the rain for five years, thus giving it the recently popular patina of age.  That should increase its value. 

            When it arrives at my shop in the next few months the boiler control mechanism will be studied.

It arrived.

More pictures of the Tempest

Front view





Boiler behind backseat



  Backseat section with Boiler behind the back seat and engine in the floor.


Boiler in the trunk section