Hyde Ballard - Stanley


Hyde Ballard's coffin-nose, non-condensing Stanley   Hyde Ballard, an attorney in Philadelphia who had a lifetime interest in steam automobiles.  This is a coffin-nose non-condensing Stanley.
Hyde Ballard's coffin-nose, non-condensing Stanley   Hyde Ballard was good friends with Richard French and they both learned from Earle Eckel of Washington, New Jersey.  Because of boiler replacement problems there were very few Stanleys running after the factory stopped production and after Marriott Garage stopped working on them. WWII

and gasoline rationing created a market for anything that burned kerosene and so some Stanleys were revived.  Eckel was the main source of information on working on Stanleys because of his history of being a Stanley dealer.  Ballard made lists of Stanley models and did other historical research on the subject.