Mike Brown's Engines


Mike Brown's Steam Engines 20hp, V-2   Mike Brown of Springfield, Missouri is the only person in America making steam engines commercially, albeit in small batches.  Mike paid an MIT engineer to design the 20 hp V-2 and so it is quite well and conservatively designed.  It is a 3x4 engine, piston valved, and should be able to make close to 80 hp.  Mike wanted an engine that would last forever so it was understressed  and de-rated at 20 hp. 

The smaller horizontal two cylinder mill engine is a standard old fashioned slide valve engine and thus of modest performance and efficiency.  We are not certain of the cutoff designed into the big V-2.  That may need to be adjusted by the buyer.  It is good to have a long enough cutoff for self starting but a shorter one so that some efficiency takes place.
  Mike Brown's Steam Engines
We are not sure if Mike has run his engine on steam or on a dynamometer.  It will need a lot of things before it works: oil injector pump, water pump, throttle, condenser, boiler, steam safety blow off valve, oil-water separator, and probably a few other things, such as pressure gauges and temperature gauges and fuel pumps.  It is a good start and better than most things available today.