Jay Carter 2-Cylinder Engine


Jay Carter’s two-cylinder steam engine.  This is the second generation engine and the one used in the para-transit vehicle.  The engine is bash valves, uniflow, and very high speed, 5,000 rpm.  This engine is still in Texas.  It is one of the most advanced and thoroughly tested steam engines in existence, and also the most efficient because of the 5% or so cutoff.  Steam pressure was in the 2,000 psi range.  It is the ring oiling system that is very sophisticated and likewise, little known.

  Jay Carter's 2cyl Steam Engine

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Jay Carter and Chuk Williams 2004  

Photo from 2004 at the Kimmel steam shop in Michigan.  From left:  Jay Carter, Chuk Williams, Harry Schoell, Tony Grzyb; all looking at a 20 hp Stanley engine bolted to a 1936 Ford rear axle. 


Photo estimated from 2005 Jay Carter riding in Chuk William’s T-model with a V-4 Lawler steam engine and a homemade monotube boiler controlled by a Kate flow controller for the water feed.

  Jay Carter in Chuk Williams's