Doble "E" Boiler


Factory Doble “E” boiler.  The housing came with it but not the burner nor the controls.  Lawrence J. Strong purchased this directly from the Doble factory, probably when Besler was selling things, and he started to install it in a 1936 Ford with a 20 hp Stanley engine bolted to the Ford rear axle.  The car was built in 1943 for use during WWII but it was never gotten into running condition.  Purchased from Vic Snell in Oregon.    Doble E Boiler

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Doble E Boiler   Doble E Boiler
There are 12 coils.  Starting from the bottom: 4 coils of ½”, 3 coils of 9/16”, 2 coils of 5.8”, 1 coil of ¾”, 1 coil of 7/8”, and the superheater is 1”.  These are all O.D. The boiler is designed for 750 psi steam pressure.
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Doble "E" Factory Boiler   Doble "E" Factory Boiler

Both lower photos are a Doble "E" Factory Boiler