R. A. Gibbs Stanley Boiler Replacement


R. A. Gibbs Stanley boiler replacement.  This was designed to fit in the same space as a Derr boiler.  It is a water level monotube with a kerosene burner gun.  The tubes are all hair-pin bends with the 180’s being cast or forged and welded to the straights in order to get a tight bend and a dense packing.  The straights have pipe threading on them for their entire length.  I think this is rolled instead of cut but have no knowledge for sure.  The threading gives double the heat exchange surface area.  Thus this is a unique and very interesting   R. A. Gibbs Stanley Boiler Replacement
boiler.  We have repaired the refractory and installed a 12 volt Beckett burner and have it set up as a shop boiler.  Except for the great amount of welding, this is a near ideal boiler.  It can be made in any rectangular shape, it is mono-tube, it is water level controlled, it has a set super-heater length, it has extended surface fins on the tubes for better heat exchange, and it is counter flow.

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R. A. Gibbs Stanley Boiler Replacement   Superheater detail and fire box for the R.A. Gibbs’ boiler.