Green Monster

Supercharger, Burner


Green Monster, photos from 1998 taken at the Danville, Illinois SACA Chicagoland meet.  This was the first year Jay Carter had put up a thousand dollars prize money for the fastest steam vehicle of any kind.  The Green Monster did not do well in the run because in the excitement it started in short cut off.  The run ended in excitement when the foot throttle stuck open and it took several turns of the hand valve to shut off the steam flow. 
The boiler is a B&W style three drum water tube boiler welded up by Harry Peterson and it burns 20 gallons of kerosene per hour.  The economizer is in the exhaust sticking out the right side of the boiler.  The boiler is in my possession being reworked with a different

  Howard Langdon's Green Monster
burner, superheater, and economizer. The car was destroyed in a fire and the “F” Doble engine was CADed and patterns and castings were made.  Two half finished engines exist.  The Green Monster was so named because the chassis was originally the Forrest Detrick Yellow Monster out of Ohio that Howard Langdon purchased and then modified. 

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The Green Monster was put together by Howard Langdon who used to drag race Corvettes and Chrysler Hemis and beat them. Rumors are that this car went 130 mph on the back roads.
Howard Langdon's Green Monster   Howard Langdon's Green Monster
Howard Langdon's Green Monster   Green Monster Burner
SS Supercharger at time of installation. All Heliarc Welded and Pressure Tested.   New 17 gallon per hour burner set up for two stage fire.  Maximum fire is 17.  Aluminum centrifugal fan. This is fabricated to fit into the Green Monster B&W boiler for use as a shop boiler to test the Williams bus engine.