Jim Jones' Engines -
Outboard and the "Thing"



Outboard Motor

Jim Jones built Johnson outboard motor modified for steam.  This has poppet valves in an enclosed drive unit and runs good on steam.  Jim Jones Steam Outboard Motor



  Jim Jones Steam Outboard motor
Jones Outboard steam engine      

Photography by Derek Peters

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Jim Jones Steam Outboard Motor   Jones Outboard Steam Engine

Photography by Derek Peters


The "Thing"

Jim Jones from Texas always brought this parking lot cart to the steam meets and it always ran well and scared everyone who rode on it because there was no throttle, only a hand valve that Jim controlled when he could reach it, and the passenger seat was a plastic milk crate over the propane cylinder with nothing to hang on to.  At various times it had a Kohler 11 hp engine with a bash valve and in its final form it has a 6 ½ hp Stanley engine laying beside the boiler.  The boiler is a horizontal monotube made from a Besler smoke coil.  Jim made the controls to work and it always ran.  It was taken partially apart after he died and needs to be carefully restored.    Jim Jones "Thing"