LaMont Boiler


This photo is from 2003 and was taken at a SACA-NE meet.   George Nutz, in white hat and white shirt, was the designer of this boiler.  The genius of the design was in the dc motor powered centrifugal circulating pump that had very good seals and thus low current draw.  The steam-water separator drum is on the right where it is very well insulated.  The  
beauty of the LaMont is that it has the safety and compactness of a monotube and the convenience of being controlled by a water level sensor.  Because of the efficiencies of heat exchange from the rapidly circulating water as well as the efficiencies from scrubbing steam bubbles off the inside walls of the tubes only about half of the normal tube bundle for a monotube is needed.  The boiler was designed for use in a large steam launch which is not yet finished. Located in New Hampshire.
The Forgotten Lamont Boiler, George K. Nutz, 23 April 1998. Paper from Steam Automobile Club of America (SACA) website.

More information on the LaMont Boiler from Tetracon Steam Books website:
and a wood fired LaMont Boiler

Forced Recirculation from the Northeast Steam Automobile Club of America Chapter

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