Perrymobile Engine   The Perrymobile engine, made in California and presently in Florida designed by Frank R. Perry during WWII and we think it was to get around gasoline rationing by burning kerosene.  The engine was made from existing IC engine parts: the crankshaft from 2 throws of a Ford “A” crank (I assume it is a flat crank), Packard pistons, Dodge valves, and we think Marmon rods, which were very long. 



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Poppet valves and a sliding cam shaft.  We think the steam passages were too small to produce much power.  This engine later morphed into the Lawler Tractor engine; also in California.   Perrymobile Engine
Perrymobile brochure - 2 inside pages
Perrymobile Engine    
Perrymobile Engine