Reliable V-4


Reliable V-4 steam engine.  This is the engine made from a casting kit sold by Peter Carlich out of Tidewater, Oregon.  It is based, as we understand it, on Corvair pistons and, again we assume, Corvair connecting rods.  With a flat crank this will be self starting.  Semi-balanced piston valves slide across the heads, eccentric driven.  Bore is 3.375 and Stroke is 2.25.  Advertising states that this makes 40 hp at 600 psi and 1000 rpm.    Reliable V-4 Steam Engine

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Reliable V-4 Steam Engine   The machining work on this Reliable engine is excellent.  It is owned by a person in the Atlanta area who plans on putting this into a Bonneville land speed record car and getting 150 hp out of it.