Soulé Steam Engines



  These are two Soulè steam engines that were manufactured in Meridian, Mississippi until the 1960’s.

  These are full cutoff, 90 degree crank, double acting slide valve and with port reversing.  The Port reversing means that there is a lever and a valve that puts the steam into one side for going clockwise and the other side for going counter-clockwise. 


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These engines were used before they invented hydraulic pumps and motors and there was needed a low-speed, high-torque, completely speed controllable power source.  They were used in sugar cane mills to power the feed conveyors.  They were used in sawmills to move the logs and lumber around when feeding the saws.  These engines never have a top dead center problem and have lots of torque at any speed and can be completely controlled.   
Soulè Steam Engines  

Because of that they are thermally inefficient as there is no expansion of the steam and it is exhausted at full pressure.  Efficiency was not the issue ever but only efficacy.  Also, and because these were for stationary power, they are very heavy.  There is lots of cast iron there. 

G. W. Soulé and Soulé Steam Feed Works, Inc. (Company and Founder Profile

1902 Congressional Patent listing Soulè's Rotary Engine.

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Live Steam Festival in Meridian, Mississippi featuring the Soulè steam engines and the manufacturing facility. Watch them making steam.