Stanley 20hp - 1938 Ford axle


The steam engine is a 20 hp Stanley, 4x5.  It is bolted to a 1936 Ford rear axle modified with a straight cut spur gear in place of the ring gear.  This is very close to a one to one ratio and it means that the engine is turning about 800 rpm at 60mph.  This engine is inherently unbalanced and cannot operate at over 1200 rpm without a lot of vibration.  The unbalance comes from it needing to have a 90 degree crank so that it is self starting.  The reason for modifying the Ford axle to accept the four long bolts from the Stanley engine is because there were many extra Stanley engines made and they are the only steam engine readily and commercially available for installing in a modern steam car.   Stanley 20hp-1938 with Ford Axle
    Stanley 20hp-1938 with Ford Axle