Stan Jakuba - V-2 Air Compressor Engine


Stan Jakuba designed and fabricated air compressor to steam engine.  This has bash valves and uniflow exhaust.  This is probably the most practical and useful of all home made steam engine designs.   Stan Jukuba Air Compressor Engine

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Stan Jukuba Air Compressor Engine  

V2 Steam Engine

This V2 steam engine is a conversion of a commercial IWATA compressor manufactured in the 2000s. As a research steam expander it served for friction and wear evaluation. The IWATA compressor was selected for the conversion because it was designed to run “dry,” meaning that its bearings are sealed, and the piston, rings and cylinders are running unlubricated.

The conversion to this uniflow, bash-valve expander consisted of machining off the fins in the exhaust port area, mill out the ports, fit the exhaust manifold to the cylinders, and making a new inlet plate featuring an inlet port with the compressor’s reed valve over it. A striker screwed onto the piston completed the conversion.

Visitors should experience the performance of the rings and valves by trying to turn the crankshaft back and forth. Feel the vacuum developed in one cylinder and hear the flutter of the reed valve in the other. With pistons warn badly in the thrust plane, the sealing is still excellent with rings made of antimony-filled graphite rings.

This is a simple, reliable, and no-oil mess engine that would serve well any steam hobbyist. Not self-starting, a kick on the flywheel gets it going in either direction.

Signed: Stanislav Jakuba

V-2 IWATA air compressor engine - Jukuba
V-2 IWATA air compressor engine - Jukuba