White Steamers


Scanned White Steam Car Publicity Photographs    

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1901 A's Parade NYC to Rochester  

1901 A's Parade-NYC to Rochester NY Run-

2nd Light weight- under 1000 lbs

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Augustus Post, Chairman of the Touring Comittee of the American Automobile Association, at the wheel of his 1905 White steamer in the well-know New York to St. Louis Tour which took place from July 25 to August 10, 1904. White’s new 1905 model had just been introduced the previous month. Then Whites were awarded certificates for successfuly completing the tour in accordance with contest rules.   1904 White Race Car
Victories of the 10-horse power White over many competing vehicles of 24 hourse power showed that the comparative speed of cars could not be determined on horse power alone.
1904-05 converted Electric trucks   1904-05 Electric trucks converted to Steam
    1905 Vanderbilt Cup Racer
The famous White racer shown in this picture was known far and wide as “Whistling Billy” [as the Vanderbilt Racer] and its feats on the track back in the early part of the century were nothing short of amazing. This speedy steamer with Webb Jay at the wheel, won the National Circuit Championship Morris Park, New York, July 4, 1905, and lowered the world record for the mile to 48 3/5ths seconds.
1905 Webb Jay driving Whistling Billy  

Webb Jay driving
Whistling Billy

Morris Park, NY

White Model F   1906 F White Steam Car
1906 F White Steam Car
1906 F Working on a White Steamer   1906 F-Working on White Steam Car

1907 or 1908 L or H White Car

Axles arriving by horse drawn wagon.

  1907 or 08 L or H White
1908 Teddy Roosevelts White Steamer    
President Theodore Roosevelt shown in the rear seat of his White steam car in 1908. The great Teddy, advocate of strenuous living, perferred the most modern conveyances obtainable for his tours aobut the country. The only automobile permitted in the Roosevelt inaguaral parade of 1905 was a White Driven by Walter C. White, later president of the White Motor Company.
1909 White K with Queen Mother   1909 White K with Queen Mother
1909 White Model O, Buffalo Bill  

White Model O, Buffalo Bill driving

    William Howard Taft and the first motoring persidency
President William H. Taft riding in his 40 hp White Steamer in 1910. Beside him in the rear seat is Charles Evans Hughes, then Governor of New York State and later Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.   1909-k White Steamer with President Taft
40 hp White Runabout-1910 Reno Nevada  

Right Photo: Please give credit to the White Motor Company when this picture is published. If additional copies are wanted specify phtograph number 6543060.

Left Photo: Principals in one of the greatest heavyweight fights of all time--the Johnson-Jeffries fight at Reno, Nevada on July 4, 1910. Photo shows the two men in training, being paced on the road by White steamers. On the left is James J. Jeffries doing raod work with his manager, Sam Berger, beside him (center) and the White steam car keeping pace at the side. Photo at right shows the tall form of Jack Johnson swinging along the road beside the pacemaking Whiter Steamer.    
Not a White Motor Company Car, but in the same stack was this photo taken in 1916 of Guy Nichols, driver of 1915 Stanley Steamer with Superstition Mountain in the background,
Globe and Phoenix, Arizona. The people with him are unidentified tourists.
  1916-Guy Nichols driver of 1915 Stanley
Walter White in the White Special Hill Climbing 30hp   Walter White in the White Special Hill Climbing 30hp
White STeam Cars A-G  

White Steam Cars

Models A -G (A at top left)

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White Steam Cars Models A-G original   Smaller version of the original panorama photo