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Tom Kimmel's Steam Vehicles

Tom's Steam Vehicles displayed for the 2013 SACA, Chicagoland September Steam Meet, but this is only a small part. His collection is growing all the time.

This website is about all of the latest work on steam power in the last 75 years.  Modern steam power is a little known or understood subject.  In contrast to almost all other steam information on the internet, this information is scientifically correct.  Therefore it will not offer Tesla turbines, free energy from burning water, or any of the many types of goofy rotary engines that the fertile human mind has invented.  I have collected homemade steam engines and monotube boilers.  These will be illustrated and described.  I have collected the best steam library in the country and that will, likewise, be described.  I would rather talk about steam than eat. 

   Tom Kimmel

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Steam Engines: NEW Photos of the 1962 Pontiac Tempest

Steam Events: NEW Announcing an Informal Western Steam Car Tour - October 16-19, 2024

                    Eastern Steam Car Tour Registration Form added. Must be completed in by April 7.

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Steam Power Books by Tetracon

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Steam Power Books by Tetracon

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Doble Steam Car Book Set Now for Sale on Steam Power Books

Real Steam Power Series
Book 6- Steam Generators -
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Wall Street Journal Article on the Keen Car and Thomas Kimmel pdf

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For the Beginning Steam Enthusiast a Quick Education
                    The Steam Power Cycle, a brief overview.

An Invitation to join SACA

SACA Phorum

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One of the better sources of good steam information is the Steam Automobile Club of America (SACA) Phorum, which is a chat room open to everyone and sponsored by SACA.  Because this is open to everyone, we think that many—probably most—of the participants are not club members.  Thus, the thoughts and theories expressed are not the official club thoughts and theories.  In fact, the club does not have an official anything except a broad acceptance of anything steam related.  The club is not organized enough to have an official position even if we wanted to have a position.

We will take off any vindictive, ad hominem, or otherwise irrelevant comments.  We encourage participation by new and unknowledgeable steam enthusiasts.  It is difficult for the engineers, or engineer type of thinkers, to deal with uninformed thoughts and opinions.  We are sorry for any mental anguish thus caused; however, it is in the answering of incorrect information that the subject is learned.  Almost all new steam people come to the subject with similar and incorrect assumptions.  These need to be dealt with on a regular basis.  It is in the dealing with every type of idea that arguments are sharpened and knowledge is imputed. 

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Books for Sale

Latest Addition: Experimental Flash Steam by Benson and Rayman
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Keen Steamliner, Steam engine Keen car

The Keen Steamliner No.2. 
Click here to see more of the Keen Car.

A Doble Chassis -

For More Dobles click on the Steam Engines button to the left and scroll down. Tom has several in his collection and several are under "Others" below Tom's Collection.        

Doble Sales Brochure

Doble " E " Chassis (Pictures taken from high quality scans of the Doble Sales Brochure we have reprinted for purchase.)

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